Friday, October 29, 2010



Hope this weather gets better for the Trick or Treaters. When my kids were little we used to give candy to the trick or treaters and had a campstove in the driveway with weiners and made hotdogs and hot coffee for the parents. Once the parents got home from work there was never time to cook dinner cause the kids were so excited about getting out to get the candy. How times of changed now they all go to the malls and firehalls. It is a shame cause those of us who have now got grown up kids and grandkids still like to see the little one come to our doors in their costumes saying those famous words TRICK OR TREAT..

Tonights dinner is real easy and is fast food but with some added flair..

Last week shopping there was a good deal on frozen pizza so I had suggested that you pick one or two up and have them in the freezer for nights like tonight. If you did not buy one just pick a couple up on your way home so you can cook two tonight and that way you can eat one tonight and have the other one cold tomorrow for part of your appy night.

You will also need some grated cheese , small package of hamburger and some Italian sausage , it is with regular sausages or some pepperoni. Once you get home turn on the oven to the temperature on the box. While the oven is heating up you are going to cook the small package of hamburger and take the Italian sausage out of the casing and fry it with the hamburger.

Cover both pizzas with the meat mixture and cheese to turn a store bought pizza into your very own home delivery pizza. Bake one of them while you relax a bit from work or helping the kids with their homework. When the beeper goes off remove the cooked pizza let it sit for a couple of minutes then slice and arrange on a large plate and serve at the table with little plates. You can always make a full meal out of this pizza by serving with a salad.

Just before you sit down put the other pizza in the oven to bake for Saturdays appy night..

A little bit of a tip : if you use too much Cheddar Cheese rather then a white cheese (we like Havarti Jalepeno Cheese ) you will find that the pizza might be too greasy. Cheddar cheese is very oily.



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