Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hello the weekend is upon us.

Yesterday all the food flyers came to our home and I went through them to give you the sales for each of the stores. Sometimes when they are a real good deal I will let you know and you might need to stock up your Perfect Pantry and freezer. In order for this meal planning to work, organization is an important part. Granny likes to cook from scratch and before you know it you will be doing that as well. But for now I just want you all to get in the kitchen cooking and enjoying it at the same time. It is not really rocket science, all the food in the Pantry and Fridge are saying is "Cook Me"..

When you shop in the produce section now a days alot of the stuff is already cut up for you , like you carrots , onions , and mushrooms. Feel free to pick those up cause it will make it quicker and easier and no mess, for now anyway ...

Here are the stores with the good sales this week and where you should stock up. Some of the stuff you will need for Menu Monday is there as well.

My favorite store to shop for groceries is Walmart. They have flyers at the front entrance to the food and they always compare with other stores to make sure that they have the best deals. So if you go there first with your grocery list you might find that some of the prices are the same or cheaper then the ones that I list.

Now for buying meat I like Thriftys cause they mark down their meat a lot. I find that Wednesday night or Thursday is the best time. All I do is pick it up come home and put it in the freezer. There is nothing wrong with the meat it is just that they have regulations as to how long they can have it on the shelf ...


Boneless, skinless chicken breast are $2.99 a pound (Freezer separate into freezer bags individually
Peanut Butter (buy one get one free) (Pantry)
Oreo Cookies (buy one get one free)(Pantry)
Tex Mex Cheese $6.99 (get a mozerella and chedder)(Fridge)
Green Giant Frozen Vegetables (3 for $9.00)(Freezer)
Catellina Pasta Sauce (2 for $6.00)(Pantry)
Purex Laundry Soap (buy 1 get 1 free)(Laundry Room)

Check out their Signature homemade broth base soups they are very good. Even if they are discounted that is even better. I use them cause they have all the spices in them then I make a stew from it , you will see how that works at a later date(Freezer)

Country Grocer

Garlic Sausage (buy one get one free)( Fridge)
Cambells Chunky Soups 3 for $5.00 (Pantry)
Cambells Broth in Cartons 2 for $4.00(Pantry unless opened then fridge)
Pam $4.97
Hunts Thick and Rich Pasta Sauce 4 for $5.00(Pantry)
Canned Mushrooms 3 for $2.00(Pantry)


Ragu Pasta Sauce (buy one get one free)
Texas Toast Bread (buy one get one free) (Freezer)One plain one parmasen
Astro yougort $3.99(Fridge)
Organic green grapes $2.49 pound (Fridge)
Bananas $.89 per pound(Fridge)
Cauliflower $1.99 each (Fridge)
Quaker Cookie Mix 2 for $8.00(Pantry)
Bag of premade salad
Panko Bread Crumbs(in the Asian Isle)
Grated real Parmasean Cheese(not the stuff in the green container)


Baby potatoes
Whipping Cream(Fridge)
Fresh Green Beans(Fridge)
Yellow Peppers(Fridge)
Fresh Grated Parmasean Cheese
Sesame Seeds
Italian Salad Dressing
Steaks 3 pack $10.00(freezer)
Garlic butter stick (in green foil wrapper) (fridge)
McCain Pizza $3.98 (Freezer)
Cucumber $.77
Package of Carrots $1.00
Fresh Mushrooms $1.00
Pork Loin Centers $5.00
Ground Turkey or Chicken $5.00
Rotissere Chicken $7.oo
Lipton Sidekicks $1.25(Pantry)
Quaker Oatmeal bars $2.00(Pantry)
If they have there seasoned beef roasts or pork roasts around $8.00 to $14.00 pick them up. They are really good and great for Slowcooker Wednesday...

Now these items are just guide lines of what is good to have in the house. When you shop only shop off your list and try and shop the outside of the store. That is where all the fresh and nutrious stuff is , you will have to go inside the outside isles to get canned goods or spice for the pantry .

The reason for the Rotissere Chicken is cause you are going to have that for supper tonight with a salad and a couple slices of Parmasen Texas Toast topped with Chedder Cheese or Mozarella under broiler . Once you are finished with the bread you will put the rest in the freezer for down the road.

Grumpy and I both love to shop and so we do that on the Saturday and then Saturday night supper is always appy night for us. Nice and easy turn on the Saturday Night Hockey game and relax.....Lots of times we have friends over and they always want to bring an appetizer so it fits right in.

Every once in a while I will put together a couple of appy recipes nice and easy so that maybe a Saturday night appy night might work for you as well.

Now get out your Grocery List and start marking off what you are going to buy at the Grocery Stores. Remember you have to check your pantry and your fridge to see if you have any of these items that are on your list and decide if you want to use what you have or get some more so that you have it on hand.

Here is the Grocery Store list I believe you can put on your I phones as well. Whatever works best for you just make sure you have a list.

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