Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday in california

Well we are here in the hot sun and loving it...we are staying at a bed and breakfast in Capitalo near Santa Cruz...watching the hockey game ...end of the second not sure if I will watch the third might just get cleaned up and walk down to the beach and find a place for dinner...trip has been very eventful so stuck on I5 yesterday at 1:00 in the afternoon hot sun for 4 hours with a car that would not run....had to get a ramp truck to come and get us take us 50 miles to our hotel and then call a hot rod shop in the morning to come back to the hotel and pick us up take us to the shop got it fixed and then back on the road wasted morning but the car now runs like a top and hopefully no more events like that for the rest of the trip...we have had a couple of great meals....first dinner was chicken marsella and it was done by crusting and cooking the chicken and then making a wine and mushroom gravy...different and not to bad... Still like mine better...last night Grumpy and I shared a clam linquine at the hotel that we stayed in Anderson and it was delicious....the hotel had a pond and fountain in the center and they had a couple of swans and 7 new babies that were born on mothers day they are quite cute and fluffy...well off for dinner will fill you in on this place that we are staying in a couple of days...hope the weather is nice at home it is hot hot hot here...

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