Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well Super Bowl day is here...We are Green Bay Packer fans so Grumpy is really hoping his team wins.. We are heading off to Kevin and Krystas in a bit and can hardly wait too see the boys dressed up in their green and yellow... Will take pictures for sure and we are taking down the two Cheese Heads that Grumpy has so hope we can get a picture of them on the boys... We will need luck ..
Krysta is making us a Jumbalya so will get the recipe from her and post it next week... I am so excited we went to Pots and Paraphanlia up here and Duncan and ordered our new dishes.. They did not have enough in stock so it will be a few weeks before they come in but I do not care I just want new dishes...
The 3C's Tutorial today is about how to make accent pillows out of placemats and napkins and even a table runner if you want a bolster type of pillow



Placemats can easily be made into terrific throw pillows. Choose a two-ply placemat and simply remove the stitching from one seam. with a stitch picker or carefully with sharp scissors. The side you plan to use as the bottom is the best choice, so that when you re-stitch it to close it, the seam won't be as noticeable. Next, stuff the placemat with fiberfill or foam and whipstitch the seam closed. In a few moments, you have a perfect pillow.
Part of the charm is that placemat pillows don't look like every other throw pillow. They have a rectangular shape, which gives them even more interest. If you prefer square pillows, simply cut off a few inches from one side of the placemat and follow the directions above. Add beads, trim, or other embellishments if desired.
Now the one that has the flower on it is a napkin and I will post the tutorial next week on how to make that .. If you find a table runner that is two -ply it will make a great bolster for the bed or you can cut in half and make two pillows.
Well have to say bye bye as we are off to a trip to the big city..

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