Sunday, February 27, 2011


Well off to Victoria to do that final move of all the big stuff over to Kimberly's new place... then clean her old place.. She called last night to say that she was able to get in at supper time yesterday cause the carpets that were cleaned would be dry enough to start to move... She was going to get her kitchen done anyway so that is a big start for sure. Probably will not be having a sit down dinner tonight but I will figure something out when I get home just not sure what time that will be..
The 3C'S Craft today is going to still be about Easter.. I had said last week that I would help you out with decorating as well as food for your Easter dinner. Since the 3C'S last sunday was doing napkin rings with jelly beans I thought this would be a good idea for your
centerpiece. Take your flower vase and put a small juice glass inside with water and that will be where you put the flowers. Then between the glass and the vase is where you can put either jelly bean, easter eggs or even those plastice ones that you get from the dollar store.. Get the kids to decorate them .. Well have a good sunday and talk to you tomorrow.

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