Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping Saturday

Morning Everyone
For those of you who do not know where we live, we live on a mountain in Maple Bay and we got snow last night. So Grumpy is out shoveling the driveway this morning again even after he did it last night. If we do not keep on top of it it becomes a nightmare.Well today is shopping Saturday and there is not alot on sale this week. Most of the sales have to do with Christmas presents. What I did find is mainly at Walmart

2 whole chickens for $12.oo (great deal)
Breyer ice cream is $2.97

Uncle Bens Fast and Fancy rice $1.00
Pastas $1.00
Alymers diced tomatoes$1.00
Campbells ready to serve soups $1.00
Chinese Mandarins 5 lb box $2.97
New York Cheese Cakes $5.97 (can freeze then you always have a quick dessert when friends stop by for coffee or a glass of wine)
3 pack of green peppers $2.97
Tomatoes on the vine 1 1/2 lb bag $1.97
Green onions $.33
Campbells broth $2.o00
Knorr Frozen Entrees 680g. $5.97
Chicken breasts buy one get one free...
Country Grocers
Baron of Beef Roasts buy one get one free...
Pork side spareribs $2.29 per pound
Chicken Thighs $2.59 per pound
Individual Artisan Bread Bowls $.49 (great for chili making on Monday)

Well I am off today to get groceries for my Christmas Tree Tagging Sunday brunch and pick up a couple of final gifts that we ordered and then I am done.....

You have a good day and if you have not started your Christmas Shopping you better get on it cause it will not be long before the shelves will be empty. I think more and more people are organized this year and doing it early and that is a good thing. That way you are not running around like a chicken with your head cut off in December....


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