Monday, November 22, 2010


Morning Everyone

Well I had a great day yesterday. Grumpy cooked an awesome breakfast as always and we had all the kids and grandkids up for Christmas Tree Tagging Sunday . It was a perfect day , not to cold and was even snowing lightly very festive....Will post some pictures on my facebook this week. Went with Kelly and Lindsay to a fund raiser for Movember at the Cowichan Bay Pub for a beer and burger (at least it was a Sit Down Sunday just not at my own table) Now for your menu for this week:
Tuesday----Orange Ginger Pork Chops
Wednesday----Perogies with Mushroom Sauce
Thursday----Pasta Pie
Friday----Southern Spuds

Todays Chili recipe is a recipe that Krysta and Kellys mom Wendy makes and it is quite good...

Wendy's ''Chili''

4 large (28oz) cans of red kidney beans
3 large (725 ml) zesty italian tomato sauce
1(14oz) mexican spice stewed tomatoe
2(10oz) mushroom pieces
1 family pack of lean ground beef
1 green pepper
1 med onion
*Chili powder/black pepper/garlic powder to taste (LOTS)*

Fry ground beef, season with garlic and black pepper

Put beans , tomato sauce, etc in stew pot (large stock pot) on simmer. Add cooked ground beef /stir/add onion, green pepper /stir/and then chili powder

Cook for two hours ..on low

I know this seems like a long time till dinner but start it as soon as you get home and then get cleaned up, maybe do a load of laundry that has been wanting to get done and before you know it supper will be ready. As Gramma would say "We are eating with the officers tonight" . An old navy saying. If you still have some Bisquick left here is a time to cook up some biscuits. Do not forget to either add some cheese or some herbs to spice them up....
Oh by the way it is snowing up here again. Very lightly but very PRETTY


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