Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Well got my house cleaned and some more sewing done yesterday. My cousin from Hawaii has arrived to the Island for a few days so I am heading down to my sisters for a Potluck dinner before she heads back to Hawaii. Going to take a vegetable dish , I think I might do my Asparagus Noodle Casserole ...The recipe today is Gramma Shields famous sausage rolls. They are made with Sandwich bread slices and so easy to make...They are a favorite of all the kids and especially my friend Pat. Last year Gramma made some for my girlfriend Pat for a bit of an open house that she was having and when she served them she had thought they had already been cooked ,so she sliced them and served them. When Grumpy took one he mentioned to Pat that they needed to be baked first so we all had quite a good laugh ....


8 Slices of Sandwich Bread with the crusts cut off
1 cup of finely grated cheese
1/2 cup of soft butter
Sesame seeds
Make It:
Fry sausage til cooked and drain well.(use paper towels)
Cut crusts from bread(freeze crusts for stuffing)and roll thin
Combine cheese and butter and spread 2/3 mixture on bread slice
Roll a sausage in each slice and pull firmly to seal
Put rolls on greased cookie sheet seal side down
Spread top of each with remaining cheese mixture and sprinkle with seeds
Bake 20 minutes at temperature of 350.
Then slice into thirds
Now I would be making alot more then what this recipe calls for , that way you can freeze them for another time..
Tip for today:
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If only I was in my 20's again how cool would this be. Hey maybe the change on the top of your fridge invested in an RRSP would work for you...It would make you not have to be on the Freedom 95 plan...

Courtney this is for you. When you mommy makes these how about you take some brown lunch bags and decorate them up for when you go to Aunty Marilyn's for Christmas you can give all the family one ...You can use some of your moms old Christmas cards or as talented as your mom is I am sure she can show you how to stamp on the bags as well

Livi make sure the bags are the ones that are waxed inside so that the oil from the sausage bites do not seep through. If you can not find them just wrap them in wax paper then put in the bag.

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