Sunday, May 15, 2011


Did not get much done yesterday. I was going to stay home yesterday but ended up deciding to head to town with Grumpy.. I felt I need a break from my house as I work from it everyday and wanted a bit of a break and always love spending time with my husband.. After lunch we headed home did some grocery shopping and then came home and watched the hockey game and had a quick and easy supper.... home made egg mcmuffins and hashbrowns.... Tomorrow we are doing our decks out the back to get it all ready for our barbecue next Sunday... so if everyone could pray for a sunny day I would appreciate it.. Thanks

I have been thinking ,  starting in June of doing a  breakfast recipe on my Sitdown Sunday. If you think you would enjoy this please let me know and I will start to get my thinking cap on for great morning recipes... I have always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we all have time for breakfast on Sundays and if you do not,  then you need to start to make it important cause it makes for good family time and good health.


I would like to do this craft one day... I think it would look great hung above a head board...the only thing that I would do different is that I would have a curtain rod at the top and the bottom so that all the mirrors hung straight

Well going to have a nice roasted chicken for dinner with roasted potatoes and vegetables.. Will be having the strawberry and rhubarb cobbler for dessert...oh of course their will be ice cream....

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