Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Since we are having a lunch week it is hard to really do a Crockpot Recipe so what I am going to post today are things that you can cook and eat cold for lunches.. Allot of this stuff you can freeze as well ..This is will give the kids a variety of what to choose so get your copy and paste buttons going and put these recipes in your new folder LUNCH'S.. Oh did I forget to tell you to start a lunch folder , well the suggestion has now been made..

1. Make a batch of your homemade waffles or you can always buy the toasted ones and toast them up and packed individually in the freezer .. Then when the kids pack their lunch all they have to do is put some peanut butter , jam , or even cheese whiz in a container to spread on the waffle
2. Toast English muffins then put each 1/2 face up on a cookie sheet and add some pizza sauce , grated mozzarella and pepperoni or even ham and bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.. now if your kids are at home for lunch serve it hot if not, let them cool then freeze them and they are ready for their lunch kits.

3. Take some individual silicone cupcake liners and use them to put a mixed up batch of your baking powder biscuits mix and pour it in 1/2 way up the liner and bake for 1/2 of the time on the instructions ..Once they have baked for the allotted 1/2 time add some ground beef that has been browned with taco seasonings and grated cheese and bake the rest of the time... Again once they have cooled remove them from the liner and  freeze them in a paper cupcake liner. I like to transfer them from the silicone liner cause if you cook in the paper liners they get greasy.

4.This one is quick and easy just take two tortilla shells and put one on the bottom of your round lightly greased (spray is good) fry pan and then top with cold cooked chicken, and cheese or what every you have from left overs and then top it with the other tortilla shell.. Now a little tip is to take a piece of tin foil on the top of the quesidla then place a pie plate (or dinner plate those who do not bake) on top it helps it cook faster and gives it pressure for the bottom to brown.. will only take a couple of minutes then flip and do the other side.. Once it has cooled cut in triangles with a pizza cutter and voila you have wedges to freeze .. Put in a little container of salsa , sour cream and even guacamole..(I love Guacamole). You can always bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes if you do not want to fry..

5. Good old tater tots.. On an evening when you are sitting at home reading my blog you can put in some frozen tater tots and cook them up ..then freeze for the lunches.. Just put in some ketchup in a small container and you know I think the sky is the limit as to what you want to use for a dipping sauce...

6.Then there is always fish sticks... I remember as a kid my parents used to fish a lot and we used to have salmon fish and chips and then my mom would cut them in strips and we would have them for lunch the next day cold.. My daughter Andrea's fiance is English and they have cold french fry sandwich's quite a bit...

7. Now take the one thing that all kids like and that is hotdogs... Take  some boiled wieners and once cooled, cut them  length wise but not all the way through and fill with a trip of Cheddar Cheese and 1/2 teaspoon of crumbled cooked bacon and then wrap the dog in Pillsbury Crescent roll dough and bake according to instructions. You know hot dog buns make a great sandwich with whatever as well..You do not have to always use bread.

8. When you are buying your crescent roll dough also pick up some pizza dough and roll it our and then cut them into small round circles then take those circles and roll them around some smokies or those small cocktail sausages and bake them in the oven..Freeze them up and then in the lunch box add a container of mustard and they have pig in the blankets. Don't forget to take an egg and beat it up in a small bowl and use your pastry brush and wipe the top of the dough to give them that golden look and also put a bit of the folded edge to help seal the pastry.. this is called washing the dough.. Put the seam side down when baking.

9.Cut boneless skinless chicken into 1" strips and go and get some shake and bake or make your own with bread crumbs that you have spiced up and wash off the strips with water and then shake the water off and add to a pouch of crumbs  and then place on tin foil that you have in your 13 x 9 pan and bake for 10- 15 minutes at 400 degrees... Freeze as well then when the kids pack their lunch they can have some dipping sauce of sweet and sour , teriayki or what ever extra ones that you have in the fridge from you fast food restaurants.. Do not forget to ask for an extra one when you do go out for lunch and then have a container in the fridge where you store them all and it is easy for the kids to grab whatever one they fancy for their lunches that day.

Well I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. Lunches are really not difficult it is educating your kids to make their own lunch .. All they need is for the stuff to be in the cupboards or fridge for them to choose.. Now parents your education is to take the 10 -15 minutes that it takes to put this stuff together ... I figure that for every show that you watch on TV has at least that amount of time if not more in commercials for you to go and get this stuff ready for them... Oh I forgot you all have PVR's well it is your choice then...

Oh before I forget.. do not forget the MONTHLY GIVEAWAY. So far I only have 1 recipe so that person could be an automatic winner.. You have today and tomorrow to send me a recipe that I could use on my blog.. just either email it to me, facebook it to me as a message or you can add it on the comment box of my blog.. Your chose.. You snooze you looze...


  1. Here's a recipe for your monthly giveaway:

    Cabbage roasted with bacon fat and topped with bacon crumbles. Yum!

  2. This is the first time I read about Crockpot Recipe. I will tell my wife to cook this for me.