Sunday, March 20, 2011


Just a relaxing day today.. Watched the Nascar race, did laundry and went and got groceries.. Grumpy is cooking a nice roast beef dinner so we are having a real Sit Down Sunday Dinner... Tomorrow I am back at work and back to blogging to what you are all used to ... As much as I miss Phoenix it is nice to be home and sleeping in my own bed...

3C'S Craft

Easter Table PlaceCards
I love this little guy... All you would have to do is buy some of those plastic easter eggs form the $ Store and then buy some pink and white felt as well as some spring themed ribbon.. Cut the ears out of white then some smaller ones in pink and clue them together then attach to the back of the egg.
Cut some felt for the feet then  glue the egg onto the felt so that they are able to stand.. If you find that the egg is top heavy glue the feet onto some heavy cardboard preferably white..Now take some markers and do the face and the pink circle on the egg... I think I am going to paint the plastic eggs with white primer paint so that it makes it easier to draw on the face ..Once you have finished that all you have to do is print each persons name as to who is coming for dinner . Now I am going to buy the plastic eggs that separate and that way I can put some rice  or jelly beans inside and I figure that will make them heavier..

So you now have 3 different craft ideas for your Easter table.. You have the jelly bean napkin rings, the jelly bean flower arrangement and now your placecards.

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