Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well we did two rounds of golf yesterday and the girls won one and the boys won one.. So we  are tied... Marilyn cooked dinner last night and she made shrimp tacos they were so good... We went for a night drive and went to an area called Kierlands Commons it is a very pricey part of Phoenix.. They have very high end stores like your Coach, Tommy Bahama and Potter Barn etc this is a place that we window shop but not take out our wallets.... Grumpy and I love this part of Phoenix, the streets are lit up with little white lights at night and they have small quaint little bars on the street corners so we  decided to go for a nightcap...What a great time we had with our good friends.

3C'S Craft  I can hardly wait to get home to try this..well maybe not this weather and place is so hard to take. LOL. How easy are these you can never have too many shoes or slipper..The ideas behind this craft is endless.. So do not throw out those sweaters as you are cleaning out your winter closet..
Upcyled Sweater Boots

Marilyn and I are off to get Pedicures today and off to the PBR tonight... Never been to a rodeo so should be fun..Will take my camera for sure...

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