Monday, March 28, 2011


Morning Everyone
Well this week is going to be about doing lunchs , now the kids are back to school and you need to start to pack a lunch so that money can be saved.... Summer is coming and we want extra cash so we can enjoy all the activites that the hot weather brings... I am not going to list today a menu for lunchs just give you different ideas to spice up your lunch and the kids lunchs.. So here it goes..

Think “out of the box” for sandwiches for the kids.
Try cut out bread with fun cookie cutters, bagels, tortilla wraps, crackers, pancakes or crepes. This changes things up. I used to pack my girls peanut butter on a pancake and then cut them into triangles and I think it was a hit..It never came back in the lunch bag so I think that was a good thing..

Munchy Wraps 
Spread smooth peanut butter over unflavored tortilla wraps and add celery sticks. Roll them up and cover in glad wrap nice and tight. Not sure if your kids like Nutella but another nice wrap is with sliced up apples and Nutella , make sure the wrap is unflavored...
Now a lunch for you could be Pitas.. I love these ones

Needa a Pita.
1.Pita Bread ( or Pita Pocket)
2. Leftover chicken
3. Cheese (Generally Mexican shredded)
4. Salsa
5. Guacamole

Then once you have all ingredients fold the Pita bread (unless you have the pocket) and insert all ingredients. Put it in a plastic box (NOT plastic baggy, sandwich will get mushy) and insert a COOL-PAK into the lunch box.Tip for cool pak is to freeze a small kids juice box great for kids lunch box as well)
Consider  a fruit filling in your Pita such as a mashed banana with a couple of pineapple slices. (Mix a little honey and lemon juice in with the banana and pat the pineapple slices with a paper towel before putting inside a pita )

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