Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well another day of lunch ideas. I know we have all had kids that are picky eaters at least picky by our standards... I would like to say that kids should be packing their own lunches , they know what they would like to eat here are a few tips to get them started.. Just like you should be meal planning so should they.. so lets get them planning.
1. Planning
Have your children create a weekly menu of lunches that include each of:
• fruits and vegetables
• dairy
• protein
• whole-grain foods
The combinations your kids come up with may sound weird and wacky to you, but variety will keep lunches out of the garbage bin.
2. Shop 'til you drop(this is so me)
Make  kids grocery shop and stock up on every one's favourite fruits and veggies. Cut veggies into sticks and store in containers in the fridge for easy access. Sooner or later, your wee ones will pack some carrot sticks or apple slices just because they're there.Invest in an insulated bag to keep cold food cold
 3.Cooks rule!
Make sure you are on hand to supervise but don't take over! Remember to let your kids make the decisions and then give them a PROUD PROUD PROUD for doing a good job
Leftovers are not off limits.LET kids  utilize last night's dinner into their own creations.  Roast chicken might become mini chicken salad pitas, or steak could turn into tortilla beef wraps cut into rounds. This again is where cookie cutters come in handy
4. Miniature world(if you have never been there you should check it out)
Think small and smaller. Kids love little packages because they are just their size, so offer small reusable containers to pack fruits, veggies and dips.  Let kids cut sandwiches into fun shapes with cookie cutters, or slice them into finger-size portions Bitesize fruits, berries or grapes are ideal for little fingers, and kids can easily cut up apples or bananas into smaller pieces.
5. Dippity doo-da (not the hair kind)Who can say no to dips? Offer a selection of vegetables or fruits, and let your children choose a few to eat with a bit of yogurt, hummus, spinach or guacammole dip..good time to be introducing them to different spices and flavours.Can't forget the crunch factor. Encourage salad lovers to pack lettuce, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes – even hard-boiled eggs – with a container of their favourite salad dressing.
6. Get packing the night beforeThe morning rush can present a time-management nightmare. Get kids to pack as much of their lunches as they can the night before, allowing for one last-minute item, to avoid morning meltdowns..Not just the kids but the parents too.. You do not want to send you child off to school getting angry at them cause you are all late.

Today you are going to get a few tips cause it all pertains to what I have just been talking about...
1. Most of you will have a crisper in the bottom of your fridge I used to put the kids groceries that they use for lunches in that.. It is all in one place and easy for them to get at.. Put their lunch container in the cupboard right beside the fridge as well as their snacks that they are going to put in the bag.. Remember we want to make this as easy as possible for them the easier for them the easier on you..

2. Freeze their juice boxes as this will keep their lunch cold.. and will be ready to drink once recess comes along

3.Let the kids use their own little shopping container whether it be a child's cart , or a small basket even if you have to take your own in case the stores do not have Shopper in Training baskets .. No different then when you take your recycle bags for grocery shopping give them a small little hand held basket for them to put their stuff in.. If it was me I would be giving them the money to let them pay for their own groceries as well.. If you find that kids are bored when you take them shopping give them the calculator and let them add up what they are buying..

4.I love this tip... so often we give the kids little things to put in their lunch and we just keep buying ziploc bags for them... May I suggest that you just buy one square container like the ones that you put a sandwich in and put in some cupcake liners and that way they can put in some raisins, grapes, granola etc etc etc...i am not a huge fan of snack bags or sandwich bags I think they make food soggy.. I like the plastic containers and it is environmentally friendly..

5.Now my favorite tip of all is the night before tip ( that would not be the night before Christmas) but it is to be organized. by using the crisper on the bottom of your fridge it will make it easier for the kids to grab their lunch... but the best one is the night before you go to bed put the cereal bowls, the box of cereal and the spoons on the kitchen table... that way if you are still getting ready everything other then the milk is there for the kids to get to the table and have a bowl of cereal before they head off to school.. I know it is cheaper to buy milk in a jug but put their cereal milk in another smaller container so that they can manage it to pour onto their cereal..(Livi this is okay it does not make your house messy )


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