Saturday, July 2, 2011



Well no shopping list today as I am sure that you are all of celebrating the holiday weekend just like we are......Good time to cook great food and visit friends... The flyers did not come yesterday as it was a holiday but I have posted a great ice cream cake... This is the easiet trifle ever ...

                                     ICE Cream
                                     Cake Trifle


24 Ice cream sandwiches
caramel topping
hot fudge topping
crushed almonds (actually, I prefer pecans)
whipped cream

(Try out different toppings, nuts or candies to determine your own favorite variation on this dessert)!

This layered dessert can be assembled in a trifle bowl or a 9x13 dish depending on how you'd like to see it displayed ( I suggest using glass so that you can show off the pretty layers)!

Begin by using the ice cream sandwiches as your first layer. Fit them closely and tight, cut to fit if needed.

Cover that layer with whipped cream and drizzle with caramel topping.

Sprinkle crushed nuts, and then top that with another layer of ice cream sandwiches and whipped cream, only this time drizzle with hot fudge before sprinkling the nuts

Continue to layer in this manner until you run out of room or ingredients!

Put in freezer to set up until ready to slice and serve serve... don't eat too much, it can be addicting ;-)

Well we are just chilling out here ... Deklan is having lunch ,Easton is having his morning nap then we are off to our friends place at Lake Cowichan for a couple of hours this afternoon..It should be nice and warm and we can let the boys have a swim in the lake...Not sure if I will take a dip or not but I will enjoy watching the boys for sure...

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