Friday, July 1, 2011


HAPPY CANADA DAY... We had a great day with the boys... We went to the local forest museum to have a picnic as well as ride the train.. We listened to the piper band and even watch Deklan tap his foot to the beat... Easton was clapping ....Then we headed to a local ball field that has 3 diamonds and there was a fastball tournament on so the boys enjoyed that.. the weather had got better so it was nice to see the sun..

• 2 cans Pink Salmon
• 1 Onion (diced)
• 1 Egg (beaten)
• 1 cup Corn Flour
• 8 Saltine Crackers (crushed)
• 1 stalk Celery
• Oil for frying
• 1 tsp Black Pepper (grounded)

How to make Salmon Patties:
• Mix crackers, egg, salmon, onion, pepper, salt and celery.
• Make patties-like shape of the mixture and roll it in corn flour.
• Fry the patties in the oil until golden in color

I like to have these on a kaiser bun with seafood sauce , lettuce and tomatoes..

My GIVEAWAY CONTEST for the month of July is a bit different.. We all know it is summer even with the weather does not let us know that.. Everyone has special recipes that they cook in the summer so what I would like you to do is send or post me your favorite recipe and I will chose the best 3 and you will all win a Starbucks Card to enjoy one of their summer Frappucinnos... You must be a follower....

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