Saturday, July 9, 2011


Sun is shining,... birds are chirping....and no noise next door from building the house... Going to be a great Saturday.. We are off to the coffee shop, work in the back yard and maybe then have a cold drink and take in some rays...Been a while since I have done a shopping list but if it gets real hot today might be a good day to shop and be in some air conditioning. Before we get to that I want to post a picture of our Grandson Easton's first birthday party...We call him mister serious but his mommy seems to of been able to capture a smile from him.. check out her photography  website ..she is very talented photographer..

Just to let you know the cupcake was a blue cookie monster and of course this black and white shot does not show that but take my word for it he was a

Cheeries $2.97 lb
Allen's cocktails and punches juice $.88 each
Chocolate Milk $1.50 litre(Deklan loves chocolate milk)
Christie Cookies or Crackers $1.88 each
Red Grapfruit $.77 each
Lemons $.33 each
Cucumbers $.88 each
Green Peppers $.97 lb
Broccoli Crowns $.97 lb
Sweet Onions $.57 lb
Kiwifruite $1.00 for 1 lb bag
8 pack of mini muffins $1.88
Kelloggs Cereals $2.97
Snack Pack Pudding $2.97 for 12
Iced good host tea  $6.98 2.35kg
Snuggie Fabric Softener $3.97
Bravo Spaghettie Sauce $1.00 680ml
2 Pack Zipper Sandwich bags $4.28
Coppertone Sun Care Products $7.97

Cheeries $1.99 lb
Sliced Mushrooms buy 1 get 1 free
Fresh chicken legs(backs attached) buy one get one free
Kelloggs cereal buy one get one free
Kraft Peanut Butter 1kg buy one get one free
Dad Cookies buy one get one free
Breyers ice cream buy one get one free
Bullys eye barbacue sauce buy one get one free
Johnsonville Cooked Sausage buy one get one free
Johnsonville Ground Sausage buy one get one free
Cooked Turkey Meatloaf in the Cafe $4.99 each (great for meat loaf sandwichs)
I can go on and one about the buy one get one free so go and check it out

Asparagus $2.99 lb
Breyers Ice Cream $2.99 each
Strip Loin Grilling Steaks $6.99 lb
3 pack of Romain Hearts 2 for $5.00
Hunts thick and rich pasta sauce 3 for $5.00
Quaker Chewy Bars 3 for $6.00
Christie Cookies thinsations 2 for $5.00
San Pellegrino Sparking Beverage $4.59 pack of 6(so refreshing)
Minute Maid juices 3 for $4.00 for 1L
Buy any 3 kelloggs Cereals and get a 4L milk free
Cottage Cheese 2 for $5.00

Our mommy deer has had a set of twins this year and I see where they have started to check out my back yard at my plants... So I have had to spray them with blood meal and that seems to deter them for how long who knows.. The mommies know what not to eat but not the babies they eat everything they must get a tummy ache ....So never believe a nursery when they say what they like and what they do hoping I still get to enjoy the blooms for a bit longer.. My hostas are looking great... I must say they are my favorite perennial of all times... I have them in pots and they seem to grow real well there..Well you have a good day and talk to you tomorrow

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