Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Morning Everyone.

Well off to the big city today. Going to have lunch with my girls for Kimberly's birthday...Jolene welcome home today and your first cuddle with Easton...You will love him.. Since it is Crockpot Wednesday my recipe is very simple. On Christmas morning put some Apple cider Mulling Spice in your crockpot with a jug of Natural Apple cider and you are set to go to have a hot drink while you are watching everyone open their gifts.

Today is going to be how to set a nice dinner table for Christmas...It does not take much to make it beautiful , you will find alot of the stuff you already have hanging around your house.
The first thing you need to do is have a table cloth or a table runner down the center of your table. If you do not that is okay nice place mats will work as well... Hopefully you will have some cloth napkins or a designed paper napkins will look great as well..You have to try you best to make everything co-ordinate ,not necessarily the same colour but at least all blend together..
I am sure that you are all aware that most of the stores have their Christmas decorating on sale at the stores so this might be the time to go and take a look and you will be amazed at what you can pick up for 50% to 70% off..Time to get your thinking hat on...
Here we go:
1. Folding your napkins like the attached instructions always looks nice with the cutlery placed inside and that frees up room on the table to put the plates if you are having a large crowd.
2. Some candles on the table are great , not to high just small little votives running down the center of the table with possibly some holly as well.. Also for a center piece you can put some Christmas bulb decorations in a glass bowl or what is also nice is your martini glasses down the center with coloured bulbs would also look great
3. I like to wrap ribbon around the chairs with some holly ,keeps the theme with the holly on the table. I know where I can get ribbon cheap so it works for me.
4. Wine glasses or water glasses are a must .. you can put you napkins folded up in them if you do not want them on the plate.

5. I have charger plates that go under your dinner plate to protect your table as well.. You should at sometime try and pick some of those up. If you go with a basic colour of gold or silver you can use them for any occassion and I have seen them at the $1.00 store around this time of year but they are probably all gone by now but just keep an eye out for them...They really add class to a table.

6. Putting name tags at the table is always good, especially if you are having company cause not everyone knows where to sit and they do not want to take someone elses seat that they always sit at .

7. Last but not least , I do not usually have Christmas Crackers I like to put a lotto ticket on everyone's plate cause after all it is the season of sharing and giving and what better way then for someone to win the 50 million and share it with all at the table.

Well nice and simple but I love to have a nice table ...Grumpy and I nearly always have out dinner at the table whether it is just us or a crowd..Takes very little time and I know that I enjoy my meal much better and appreciate it alot more.


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