Sunday, December 5, 2010



Well yesterday was a gorgeous day ..A little cold but nice and sunny. For those of you who braved shopping downtown Victoria at least the weather was great....Grumpys company Christmas Party was a success as it is every year. It was nice to see the owners and their wives last night and Grumpy who was Santa last night did a great job with the gifts as always....Hoping that Mark, Sherry and Makal are enjoying their new Grinch Con's today.....Now I am hoping that you all made it to Thrifty's to get the chicken cause have a nice Sit Down dinner of roasted chicken with potatoes and vegetables can not be any better then that...You might have some bisquick left and you can make some biscuits and maybe grate some cheese and add some spices to the flour mix and if you make quite a few you will have some for lunch tomorrow with some left over cold chicken...
Well today is my first of the 3c's craft. You can make a nice birdhouse out of a recycled book and wooden birdhouse. The reason for doing this is that Courtenay's Great Granny loves birds and is always feeding her birds so I thought that she might like to get a birdhouse for Christmas from Courtenay...Now I am not sure how good this will do with the weather but if you do want them to go outside for sure I would make sure that you sprayed the outside of the birdhouse.
1You need a small birdhouse and some Mod Podge and a sponge type brush as well as a colour for the base perch and roof & make sure it goes good with the pages
2. Take the cutiest pages in the book and measure and cut them the size of the sides of the birdhouse
3.Now you are going to Mod Podge these pages on the sides with a sponge brush it will look cloudy but it disappear once it dries.
4. Remove all the page from the book and then you will use the hard cover of the book for the roof.
5.Mod Podge the birdhouse roof then attach the cover .
6. Seal the entire birdhouse with two coats of Mod Podge
Now in a couple of days when you know that everything is thourghly dry you can spray on shellac in order to protect it outside.
The ideas for these books are unlimited , just think of all book themes out there. Yes they are good for kids but just think about people that are cooks, (recipe book) gardeners, and it could go on and on.
Well off to the market for my vegetables for the week , so you have a good day and talk to you tomorrow..
Have fun...


  1. Hmmm, thinking maybe I should have kept my comments to myself...looks like you are going to be keeping me and Courtney very busy! lol We'll try the birdhouse next week as this week we are handmaking all the decorations for our Christmas Tree this year and it's taking a little longer that I planned!

  2. That is a good thing. Make sure you post us a picture of your decorated tree so we can all see what a great job you two did.....