Sunday, December 26, 2010


Afternoon Everyone
Watching the Junior Hockey Game!!!

I love my life!!! I love family and friends!!!! what more can I say..I had a wonderful Christmas with everyone...I think at least once in your life you need to be spoiled, but when it happens to me everyday I know how lucky I am.. My idea of being spoiled is not always in materialist things, but just being able to spend time with my family and friends...
I want to congratulate Dean and Megan on the birth of their son Brayden on Christmas Eve, not that is what I call the best present of all..
It has been along time since I got to spend a relaxing Christmas Eve at home with just my husband..that is mainly cause I was much more organized this year and not spending my evening rushing around doing last minute things...Got up Christmas morning , put the turkey into the oven on a timer and then headed down to Victoria to spend the morning with the little grandboys, their parents and Kelly and Lindsay..then off to my twin brothers for a bit and then to Marilyn's and spent some time with her and her wonderful family and finally back up island in late afternoon to get dinner ready for Kimberly , Andrea and Adam and spend our Christmas with them..

So my day was filled with a GREAT family and WONDERFUL friends...truly the thing I love to do.

I have to share with you all the wonderful gifts that I got..Grumpy bought me an Ipad and some beautiful emerald and diamond earrings that went with a necklace that he had bought for me a couple of Christmas ago ...The gifts I got from my kids were overwhelming from a personalized Ipad skin, a waffle iron and skin care creams to keep Granny young..... "From Granny's Kitchen" did not get forgotten either she got a fabulous Recipe Binder and a stand alone Recipe Cards.... My girlfriend got me a Panini Maker something I have always wanted , used to use my George Foreman Grill now I can buy the flatbread and make proper paninis.
Kelly and Lindsay I will bring it along when we have the Poutine Party with your new T-Fal Fryer...

Today my husband took me to Future Shop to buy a case for my IPad (orange and gray plaid goes great with the hotrod) as well as a camera reader and flash drive. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for making my Christmas an unforgettable day...For those of us who were truly blessed yesterday do not forget the ones that were not...After all that is what Boxing Day is about not only about the sales at the stores...We have a homeless shelter up here where I am going to take my George Foreman Grill to cause I am sure that the kitchen there will be able to use it those of you that got new kitchen appliances think about where the working old one can go to, not just your Thrift Stores ....
Tomorrow on Menu Monday you will be getting LEFTOVER TURKEY recipes for the whole week..Well I have to go, Grumpy has just made us a late lunch of leftover turkey sandwich , mine with cranberry sauce, not Grumpy's though he does not like fruit with his meat , to him fruit is for dessert. Have a good day and I am signing off to set up my IPad with all the app's that I want to download. Livi sorry I missed you yesterday at Marilyns and hope to see you and Courtenay soon..
As they say a "Happy wife is a good life" but letting my husband know that I appreciate him is what makes my life good..

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