Monday, December 20, 2010


This week is going to be hectic for some who are procrastinators and then not so for those of us who are organized.. Had a great time with friends yesterday afternoon ...did not have our usual Sit Down Sunday as we were so full from all the great appy's.. Going to clean house today and just relax , watch some cooking channel shows and maybe a movie...

I am not going to do a weekly menu like the usual instead I will give you some recipes for getting your Christmas dinner ready as well as some tips to help you make it easier for you.... After all cooking is not a chore is something that you should enjoy doing ..Here is a bit of a schedule that you can follow to make everything less stressful.

Monday...Checking your List

Tuesday..House Cleaning

Wednesday...Christmas Table Design

Thursday...Wifesaver Breakfast Recipe

Friday..Kitchen Duty

Today is the day that you need to go through your Christmas List and make sure that you have every one's gift....What I do is get a large gift bag for each of the kids and put their individual presents in each one and strike them off my list then I know that I have not got one of them tucked away somewhere and forgot to wrap it.. We also put their stockings in that bag as well and then I am set to go Christmas morning. We are not usually home here with everyone Christmas morning so it is not like I can put them under the tree so this makes it easier for when we have to travel down on Christmas morning...Now this year what might be a good idea for a small gift is to go and get some Lotto Max tickets for this Friday as it is 50 million and would that not be the best gift to anyone Christmas Day to have won some Lottery money.. Put them at their dinner plate as a gift from SANTA Well I have to go off to meet a new client this morning so talk to you tomorrow and have a good day..

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