Sunday, December 19, 2010


Afternoon Everyone
Sorry I did not post yesterday , got up early and had a busy day..Went to Victoria to spend the day with girlfriend Marilyn and then we went to take a Serger sewing machine lesson..learnt a lot. See it does not matter how old you get you can always learn . Grumpy went and had his Christmas lunch with his hotrod friends...Then home and off to the Cowichan Capitals hockey game...was not the results we would of liked to see but got to see the kids..
Today I am going to give you a shopping list for what you will need to cook your Christmas dinner ....
For meat a turkey and ham is a must... Turkeys are on sale at Safeway for $.99 per pound and Walmart has hams for $20.00 or a half ham for $10.00.
Now for stuffing you Safeway has Stovetop buy 1 get free...
Vegetables they have frozen Green Giant at Thriftys 2 for $4.oo or 3 lb bags of onions or carrots for $1.00 per bag at well as 10 lb bag of potatoes for $2.97 . You always have to have Sweet potatoes and they are $.89 per lb at Thriftys. Brussel spouts are always good as well so maybe check them out at the stores and pick up some ...You must always have buns for the gravy and they have Pillsbury Crescent rolls for $1.27 each they will make nice dinner buns.
For the ham you always need pineappple and Walmart has cored pinapple for $3.97 and the turkey needs Cranberry Sauce and you can get 3 cans for $5.00 at Thriftys you only need to buy 1 can.
Now I love to have egg nog , not for everyone and really really fattening but it is only for once a year.. $1.48 at Walmart.
Not sure if you have a breakfast in the morning but we always do at our place and I have a great recipe for a Wifesaver Bread egg and bacon Casserole that you make Christmas Eve and put in the fridge and then in the oven when you get up Christmas morning..So for this I will give you the recipe this week. The recipes this week are going to be for cooking your Christmas dinner..
You will need to have a Look Bag as well that is what I use to cook the ham in. We always cook that on our barbacue leaving room in the oven for the turkey....
Now it is time for 3C's .. Again this is for kids but adults can wear them as well..I know that Courtenay has lots of little girlfriends as does her Mom so I thought these would be cute for her to do for herself and her friends.

I have attached a picture of some decorated little gloves to give you some ideas. Also there is a tutorial and as you can see the sky is the limit to do these....

Well have a good Sunday we are off to a friends place in Victoria for an Open House. Spent this morning making Scallops wrapped in bacon with seafood cocktail sauce as the dip.. ..


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