Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Morning Everyone

Had a nice relaxing evening last night. Downloaded some pictures off of my camera that I have been meaning to do for quite some time...Wow there were still ones from the summer so for sure it was about time that I did that. Today I am going to clean my house ..I have decided for a New Years Resolution I am going to be better and divide my day out so that I do a little each day and not the usually once a week or two.. I get to far behind then I hate doing it ...

Diabetes coming today to pick up some stuff I have been doing a bit more purging and this time it was my coat closet. Wow I did not know that I had so many coats but now someone else gets to use them and it makes my front closet where I can actually have space between the coats and they are not all stuffed in there..

Cleaning tips are what is happening today so here it goes...
Multitask: Tasks go faster by doing two things at once. While on the phone, I fold laundry, fluff pillows pick up magazines and books, do dishes, sweep or dust.
Do Quick Rescues: Do a 5-minute sweep through each room, taking a laundry basket with you. Place in it anything that doesn’t belong in that room, then put away the stuff that does belong there.
For glass shower doors: Take lemon oil, spread it on, go over it with a scrubbing sponge and then go over it with a soapy sponge. Deposits and soap scum will come right off. I always have a squeegee in my shower so that I wipe down the shower doors and the soap scum will not deposit on the glass as much.
Daily sorting: You should have three containers for your laundry. They can be laundry baskets, hampers, whatever fits into your lifestyle.When people take off their clothes, they should separate them into darks, whites and delicates. This presorting will make fast work of wash day.
For stains: Keep a supply of clip-type clothespins by the hamper.If you have spilled, you should take a clothespin and clip it to that spot before throwing the clothes into the hamper. That way, instead of looking for spots, you just have to look for the clothespins and launder appropriately.

Don't spend all day cleaning. Just 10 minutes will do it if you do it right.Set a timer for 10 minutes and have the kids race to pick up as much as they can before the alarm goes off. It makes it a game and you can always give them a reward at the end if you wish.

Use dishwasher for more than dishes. When it isn't quite full, fill the rest of the way with things like stove burners, vases, candlesticks and even children's plastic toys contained in a mesh bag.

To absorb refrigerator odors, place an open bowl with two or three charcoal briquettes on a back shelf.

The beeper just went off on the dryer so I am off to fold... You have a good day and talk to you tomorrow...Going for lunch with the girls tomorrow it is Kimberly's birthday so off to the big city and the traffic hubub.



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