Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well we are off to Victoria today.. going to have lunch with some good friends ..but first things first.. I am drawing the name  for the March Giveaway... In the container is Olivia , Yvonne, and Lesa from Middleville Michigan... Okay here it goes.. and the winner is Yvonne...Congratulations .. So Yvonne I will drop your gift off but I am not going to tell you what it is... Once you recieve your gift let me know then I will post  a picture of what you won...Thank you Olivia and especially Lesa from so far away..  Here is your shopping list for today:
Buy 1 get 1 free below
Boneless skinless chicken breasts
Compliments Garden Salad
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Navel Oranges
Organic Mushrooms
Snow or Snap Peas
White Baguette
Prepared Wraps
Mini Baquette Crisps
Alex Campbell Bread
Hunts Thick and Rich Pasta Sauce
Fast and Fancy Rice
Knorr Sauce Mix
Knorr Handi-snacks
Sunrype Squiggles
Delmont Fruit  540ml
Canola Oil
Hunts Tomato Sauce
Stagg Chili
Thrifty Flour
Noodle Time Instant Noodles
Old Dutch Snacks
Jet Puffed Marshmallows
Dare Ultimate Cookies
Thrift English Muffins
Sakata Rice Crackers
Supermoist Cake Mix
Island Farms yougurt
Heinz Bagel Bites
Asparagus $1.99 lb
Cauliflower $1.99 each
Tomatoes on the vine $1.99 lb
Leaf Lettuce $.99
Baby white potatoes $1.49 lb
Honey Nut Cheerios(General Mill Cereals) buy 1 get 1 free
Cheez Whiz $4.99 1kg
Primo pasta buy 1 get 1 free
Oreo Cookies buy 1 get 1 free
Old Dutch Salsa $1.99
Heinz baby products 30% off
Now do not forget this Tuesday is the first Tuesday of the month so you get 10% off the total of your bill..
Pork and Pot Roast $8.00 each
Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper $9.98 20 Double rolls
Kiwi 1lb bag $1.00
Cucumber $1.00
Green Beans $1.47 lb
Dempsters Bagels $3.07 pack of 6
Tetly Tea $3.47
Since Yvonne was our winner for March I thought I would post her dessert recipe for today.
Low sugar recipe for Banana Bread .
1/4 cup butter
3 good size bananas
1/4 cup cane sugar
1 1/2 cups flour
1/4 tsp. baking powder
1 egg
1/4 tsp vanilla
PreparationCream butter and sugar,mash in the banana's, add the egg and vanilla ,then add flour,baking soda,baking powder
Mix all together so everything is just moistened. put in a greased and floured loaf pan.
Bake for 35 minutes or until cooked through the middle.
350 degree oven


  1. Hello. Thanks so much for saying hi on my sewing blog and for sharing your grandson's name and meaning. It's very nice.

    I really struggle in the cooking area and never know what to serve. I went through every single post on your blog. You have a fantastic blog. I am signing up as a follower and putting you on my blog roll. I don't normally subscribe to cooking blogs, but your recipes seems so easy and yummy at the same time. I can't wait to try them for my family. I've picked out at least 20. I'm thinking about possibly doing a new feature on my blog at some point and calling it something like "link love." If I do, I may just share your blog with everyone. Thanks again for introducing yourself and keep up the good work.

  2. Hello... Thanks for the kind words.. If you have read my profile you will see that my passion is about cooking and putting families back in the kitchen and at the kitchen table.. Welcome as a follower and putting me on your blogroll. I have not guite got to that yet but maybe one day I will have a blog roll and some labels..I am concerned that if I get to involved with the details on the blog that I will loose the passion and I do not want to do that.. Now about Link Love if I ever do a link part on the blog I think I would call it ...Others Passions...Well thank you for introducing yourself and I admire you at the age of 46 of bringing more love into your family...Let me know when you finally pick your childs name...Hugs and Hearts...