Sunday, April 3, 2011


Well we were on the road early today.. would love to say that it was taking the Hotrod for a drive but that was not happening today.. Headed down to Victoria to do some more stuff at Grumpys moms ..It is hard going through stuff that she has had for over 80years but we are getting there... We have   the upstairs done now the next challenge is to get the downstairs done ....So our Sitdown Sunday was leftovers from our Appy night last night but at least we got to sit at the dining table. Now I am baking cookies for Grumpys lunches for next week,..I grabbed an apple pie from the freezer and just waiting for the oven to beep beep and then the kettle will go on to make tea and hot apple pie,,

Last week I was talking about how nice it was to hear the birdies in the morning.. And birdies chirping makes me think of spring so I thought I would post this homemade craft for paper Pinwheels..

Next week we are going to get back to the original  blog and back on track...

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