Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well not much happening today. Grumpy is sleeping in so I am posting away. Did not feel well yesterday so had a bit of a sluggish day hope today is better. Grumpy is awake and he says we are off to Victoria to bring the hotrod down to Al's.
I am not going to list everything cause they have dollar days this week and that is a good place to be buying your canned goods and pastas
Cheese Whiz $4.99
Tostitos 3 for $6.00
12 pack of campbells soup $5.99
Lemon or key lime pie $3.99
3 pack of steaks $10.00
Tide laundry detergent $5.77
Lettuce $.88
Chicken thighs or legs $5.00 a pack
Pork loin chops $5.00
Oliveri pasta $3.97 a pack
1 1/2 pound tomatoes $1.97
Kraft single cheese slices $3.97
Green giant frozen vegetables $2.00
Cascade dishwasher soap $9.97
Striploin steaks buy1 get 1 free
Activia $3.97
Broccoli $.97
Actually they have some good vegetables on sale might be better priced then Walmart so you could check it out

I wanted to mention to you as well that Canadian Tire has all the Omni brand storage containers on sale 1/2 off. Walmart has a good deal on some of their containers as well. do not forget this is cleaning and organizing month.
Today is your desk top..I do not have pictures to post cause I have a laptop and IPad so no desk for me...You only need to do the top today, clean it right off and give it a good wash down as well as vacuum the keys on your keyboard and then put back only what you use back on top and voila you can see your desk top again..Those of you who do not have a desk how about your crafting table that will work.

Well off to get ready to head down to the big city..I am excited cause is not raining....

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