Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well today is going to be a Sit Down Sunday just going to be at lunch time though..Kelly has a birthday this week and Grumpy will be away this week so we thought we would make it a dinner at lunch...Cowichan Capitals play at 5:00 tonight so we will have a late lunch and then head off to the game..Barbacue Steak, with baked potatoes done with cheese and asparagus as well as a Fruity Spinach salad..mmm. Cheescakes for dessert..I am hungry already..

How did you all do with the closet cleaning yesterday I am sure that you are probably finishing it off today....Not only are you going to be able to find your clothes now but the people that get to enjoy your donated clothes will also be thankful....

Yesterday was a day that we just spent in Victoria walking around and doing some people watching....Had to go to Costco to pick up a large grilling piece of beef and was able to get 18 steaks out of it ... It worked out to $4.00 per steak .. Now that was a deal...I forgot what the traffic is like in that Langford area it is a nightmare for sure... You guys need another Costco down there for sure...The gas lineup reminded me of going through the border...

Now the 3C'S today will be for kids as well as kids at heart. We all love rice krispies squares but these are Rice Krispie Hearts

Enjoy your family day.

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