Saturday, January 29, 2011


Grumpy comes home looking forward to that.. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder well there is sure truth behind that. Our community is Mournng .. They have found Tyeshia Jones and unfortunately it is not good. I do a lot of ribbon work for the Native Communities up here for the Longhouse Ceremonies so I am sad for them all today. RIP Tyeshia...
Finesse hair products for $1.23
Jergens and Nivea body lotions and shower product $4.49
Gillette Shaving Gelsl $1.58
Deoderants $1.99
Dole Salad kits 2 for $6.00
Classico Pasta Sauces $1.98
They have their Case Lot Sale on this week so if you pantry is low on soups, pasta sauces and canned tomatoes as well as juices also do not forget your canned fruits and vegetables then this is the place to buy them ...
5lb bag of carrots and they are 2 for $5.00
Hunts Pudding Snacks 2 for $6.00
Family Pack of 3 loaves of bread for $2.99=
Wild Coho Salmon Fillets buy 1 get 1 free
Wanted to let you know that every 1st Tuesday of the month is always 10% off of bill..
Cucumber $1.79
Hot House Tomatoes $1.49
Atrtisan French Bread Bowl (Great for Chili or a Crockpot Stew) $.49
McCain pizza $4.97
Grapes $1.77 lb
Yams $.77 lb
Romaine Lettuce 3 pack $1.50
Black Diamond Cheese Blocks $5.97
Campbells chunky Soups $167
Kraft Tex Mex Cheese $5.97
I know I had said yesterday that I had given you the last Organizational Challenge but I changed my mind after Liv had made a comment about how she would like to have her mind Decluttered . What a great idea and I agree I find I need clarity in my mind in order to function at my best. Too often, I walk around in a fog thinking of errands that need to be done, things I need to do in my business, chores I need to do, and family obligations. Clearing your mind isn’t easy, especially if you tend to be a worrier or an anxious person. I think there are steps you can take to help you to achieve a clear, focused mind.
At the end of the day, make a list of tasks and errands that need to be done the next day. Grumpy is a huge list person ...Is that not why you all have Iphones and Blackberries. List these items in order by priority, most important to least important. Obviously, you’ll keep track of any appointments , but the most important items should be the ones you’ve designated as giving you your highest return , the things that move you towards your purpose in life. The least important items are those that, if need be, can be pushed off to the following day. Keeping a list will help to avoid that thought “I feel like I am forgetting something” . I seem to be saying that all the time, and that can nag at me until I go insane. This works in my professional life as well as my home life. Don’t list everything in your life that could ever be done. This is only overwhelming. I like to list my top 5 things that MUST be done the next day. Then I focus on those.
Stay focused on your tasks. Do not allow others to push their chores or errands off on you, especially if you have a full schedule already. While it is okay to help others on a sporadic basis, taking on more, unexpected work will only add to your stress level. This kind of stress isn’t good for anyone.
This is a true statement for both professional and family lives. Keep a schedule that shows who is responsible for which household duties and also which children have activities on which days. This will help to avoid the last-minute rush to get to your kids to their activities.
At work, keep your files organized in a manner such that co-workers can find their way around your desk if you happen to be out. Organization at work will ensure that if you are home sick, you will not be receiving a call from a frantic co-worker .
Drink a cup of tea; take a nice, hot bath. Most importantly, take time for you because nobody else will. Nothing helps to ease a frazzled mind as much as taking personal time for yourself when you feel overwhelmed or unappreciated. Without a time-out, stress will only increase and that isn’t good for any aspect of your life.
Keeping an agenda, organizing both home and work life, and relaxing, are all key components that help to ensure a clear, focused mind. These things won’t happen overnight, but even small steps in this direction can make a noticeable, positive difference. Having a clear, focused mind will help you be your best person at any given moment, which is it’s own reward.
Hope this is helpful for some of you.. You have a good weekend and talk to you soon

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