Sunday, January 16, 2011


Morning Everyone
Another foggy day up here on the mountain..But I must say it does make for a great picture...Today is a football day... Want to see the Seahawks win and Grumpy is excited that his Packers won and my Leafs lost in a shootout won last night.. :0(
The appy plate I made last night was real good..we had homemade chicken wings, dry ribs, smoked salmon log and some carrots, celery and cherry tomatoes... Made to much but that is okay we will probably have a snack while watching the games today...Here is a picture of my platter..

Not sure how all of your Sit Down Sundays have been going I know that we have sort of been off the track a bit with cooking the Roasts and Yorkshire but will get back on it in a couple of weeks.
Got a bit of a hectic week next week with a couple of large work orders so I now know that the holidays are over and it is back to the grind...It is nice to work out of home but sometimes a one man show can be demanding...
No Challenge today cause you should probably still be doing your pantry...Hope it is looking good and you know you might of even found something that you forgot you had .
How about an extra 3C's this week.. Sounds good to me here it goes. I know that some of you followers are cricut owners..You do not need to have a cricut to do craft but I thought it would be good for kids to give their friends at school and not be to expensive.. Winners sells lollipops that are sugar free and about $2.99 a package and I think there are 25 in each bag.. I have attached the site to get you to the tutorial

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