Sunday, January 9, 2011


Evening Everyone
Had a great day today,headed to Victoria to have breakfast with some friends then off to Costco before we headed over to give Deklan his birthday present. got some good deals at Coatco on meat..they sure sell on large quantities but I separated it all into individual freezer bags now I have lots of pork , chicken and roasts for awhile..We also bought large square cast iron grilling pan so was excited about that...
Went to watch the salmon kings play hockey last night and ran into some friends so that always makes the evening even better...Next week the recipes are going to be cooking with salad dressings which is always good to add flavor to a meal..
I hope Livi got some sleep last night after she was on the circuit message board...Can be addicting just like blogging..LOL
Deklan got a new big boy bike and of course it is red but he was so proud to show us his new bike... Easton was all smiles even when he he headed off for his nap...We gave Deklan a big boys watch , it was a roots hockey watch and he was not quite sure about it at first but when he realized that everyone else had one on he was a bit better.. We told him when his nap time was and he keep checking his watch for the time and then all of a sudden he was off for his spending a few hours with the boys they are so cute...

The 3C's for today is for little girls... When I was at the hockey game last night I noticed that Courtenay had on a cute headband so I thought I would attach this tutorial so that Courtenay could make her own along with her moms supervision... What a great way to use old buttons..I am sure that your grammas all have tin cans with old buttons..

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