Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sorry I am late today making this post.. Slept in then had to go and get groceries (using my sales flyers!!). Right now we are enjoying watching the Allstar Hockey Game.. I love the microphone on the goalie.. Lets you get a different prospective of the game... How exciting is it that the players boys get to be behind the bench with their Dads... It would be great if on any games that are played on Fathers day they would allow that as well.. Well going to have a barbacued steak for dinner tonight with some asparagus and salad... It is a gorgeous day up here today... Wish we had the hotrod home instead of at the shop cause for sure we would of been going for a drive today....
3C's Craft

Scrapbooking paper or card stock
Glue Stick
For each, cut three heart-shaped petals, and then three more of a smaller size.
Glue the small heart onto large heart.
Poke a small hole in each of the large points of the hearts , crease the petals as shown, and slide the pieces onto a lollipop stem.
Tape the underneath bottom to secure.
You could also tie a valentine ribbon on the lollipop stem with a printed message..
Courtenay this is an easy one that you can do.. Get your mom to cut the hearts out on her cricut and then you can glue the little hearts onto the big heart and then punch a small hole with a hole punch and slide onto the lollipop..
Starting next Saturday I am going to start to post a dessert on Shopping Saturday..Since I do not post a recipe on the weekends I thought it might be nice to do a dessert so that you have a recipe each week if you decide to make a dessert...
Well have to go.. Going to cook my box of pasta and put it in the freezer bags for some pasta dinners this week... I love doing my pasta this way where you pre-cook it and then put it in freezer bags... When I am ready to make a pasta dinner I just take it out of the freezer put it in a colander and pour some boiling water over top to warm it up and voila instant cooked pasta...Wow my cookie jar is empty so I need to do cookies for Grumpys coffee breaks and it is so nice to have him home... My home is complete again with him here , tea in my hand and the remote in his...

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