Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Afternoon Everyone
Sorry I am late posting today , I have the sorest back ...Not sure what I have done but I can not sit, or lay down for very long so it has been quite frustrating that is for sure.. I want to thank Kimberly for coming up this morning on her day off and helping with a job that I have to get out by Friday...You are the best... This better be gone by tomorrow cause if I have another night like I did last night I am going to be a Zombie..


LAYER chopped broccoli and slices of potatoes and squash in a medium casserole dish.
COMBINE 1 cup Kraft French Dressing, a few handfuls of Kraft 3 Cheese Blend Shredded and a few dashes of nutmeg and pour over vegetables.
BAKE at 400°F for 30 minutes or until vegetables are tender.
This can be served with what every meat you want to cook tonight..You could even go and pick up a rotiserrie chicken at a local grocery store..
Tipsy Tuesday
I used to watch my mom do this when she baked so I thought I would pass this on to you today..A sprinkling of salt on the countertop keeps eggs from rolling off when you are baking or making omelletes...
Here is your challenge for organizing we are going to do is UNDER THE SINK
First of all, I've been thinking to myself... WHY must they make it so ugly down there under the sink?! Seriously. Couldn't they have made like a little cute cabinet inside the cabinet to house all of the ugly stuff... And let's not even start on those obnoxious pipes! That is so hard to try and work around..Now, on to the transformation..
Try and find a container that has a lid with a handle on top! I can now store all of my everyday cleaners and rags in it and carry it around the house with me while I clean. If you have your garbage under the sink you should really try and fit it in your budget to get one that pulls out with a lid ..just makes sure it will fit.. One of my pet peaves in my home is that we can not find one that fits and so Grumpy attached one to the door. Since he is left handed it went on the right hand door and unfortunately when the door is opened to scrap off the plates you are not able to put the door down to the dishwasher so it is a real pain... One day I will change it to the other door for sure.....

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